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Luce, first original holder of the sky pacifier that we hear about.
Her Animal is a Squirrel named Cosmo.
Has a 'mysterious power of insight'.
Sky Arcobaleno have short lifespans.
First boss to the Giglio Nero famiglia we hear about.
Motherly, kind, gentle, warmhearted, and always smiling.

May 15 '14

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May 15 '14

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Nov 26 '13


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Feb 10 '13

Drinking RP (Colonello and Viper if we’re still doing it), Depression Open RP for everyone else?


Another scrapped design was tossed to the floor as the former Arcobaleno worked. And worked for many more hours until the late of night became early morning, and early morning became noon. Nothing seemed to be working quite right though, and easy as it was to say “Oh, I’ll take a rest and continue on” that was not how it worked. Any sort of decline in productivity would only hinder the scientist more so. How shameful; to be unable to produce anything new or anything successful. Could it be that he peaked? That was it? With a small groan, Verde grabbed another notebook of bond paper; tearing through the pages. Nothing was right. A pile of papers stacked around him, each stained with ink and graphite. Steel sheets and various scrap metals were a hazard and accident waiting to happen, but if he were to throw anything away- any of what could be progress- it could be lost. “Dammit…” A new notebook was grabbed. This was exhausting. Tiresome. Pointless. All of this was pointless. If he couldn’t improve…no no, this really couldn’t be it, could it? A dirtied lab coat hung over his shoulders- the sleeves were smudging and blurring notes far too much now. 

Really… If nothing was to work out- If this was really it… what a failure. What a waste of everyone’s time. The new notebook was pushed aside as his head pressed to his hands. His fingers ran through his bangs, grasping at his hair, sliding through before grasping again. Several strands of green follicles fell onto the desk  and ground. He needed a shower. He needed to sleep. But most importantly was that he needed to to work. If one design was successful- something innovative and amazing. Something… his head lifted again as he grabbed a sheet of metal and proper shears, marking out the formulaic box pattern and then he began to cut. His hands shook with fatigue and clear uncertainty- the biggest enemy was doubt in his ability at this point. With one slip, the former Arcobaleno dropped everything he was working on and stared. Blood spilled onto the metal and notes underneath him as his palm stung. “Fuck…” Finally, Verde stood from his desk, his wound wrapped in a makeshift tourniquet for the time being as he willed himself to shower. If he didn’t wash, then it would infect. Then he’d be put back even more so. 

Sleep was tempting afterwards. No, he shouldn’t. Should. Despite redressing in clean attire for the “new” day and bandaging his hand, Verde instead collapsed onto his bed, passed out, and woke again hours later at the sound of an obnoxious visitor at his lab.

A shiver ran up her body. What was she thinking leaving her townhouse with no shoes on? With all of her proper etiquette classes as a child it would be hard to believe that in a laps of fear and wonder she would wander out into the dark barefoot, and none the less in a night gown and robe.  She rubbed her arms hoping the heat from the friction would somehow reach her numbly cold feet. Why did she even touch those DVD’s of Skull’s? She knew she was easily frightened, and her being in her town house meant she was alone which meant scarier supernatural-believing-brain action going on. Fear that was fueled more by the fact that she believed in such things, and the fact that she was a Shaman just made her believe it even further. Noooo, she could have picked the murder movie…she felt her pace quicken. Oh great now the paranoia of being followed set in.

Before she knew it she was standing at the door way of her old friend’s laboratory, something inside of her told her to come here; maybe it was the fact that he would use his logical to shoo away the things that science couldn’t prove, and that was completely fine with her. Verde was someone who could make her believe her beliefs weren’t logical. That in itself was an incredible thing to be able to achieve, Luce was hard to crack when it came down to these things. She knew he had probably already seen her on one of his screens; there was also a chance that he was busy and hadn’t even spotted her.

Luce decided it would be best to be quiet in case he was indeed busy. She found it unsettling just how quiet it was, her feet seemed to echo down the hallway, and the buzz of various things that weren’t usually heard now could be pin pointed. A shiver ran up her spine; and there went the paranoia of murder. Maybe even Verde had been…she closed her eyes tight, the tears from the thought of it stinging. Taking a deep breath she ran down the hall, more so to run away from her imagination and prove to herself she was over thinking things.

Her feet lead her to the room her friend was usually in working the hours of the day away, slaving away to create something incredible. Every little thing he did Luce was proud of him. Even the things she could not comprehend, just the fact that he could understand those things, and to go beyond it and create it was amazing. Some times during her time away she would boast about being his good friend, not many found it to be something to be proud about, especially since she was a lady and he was deemed a pervert. There was nothing perverted about him in her eyes, he was just always locked away working. People make fun of or fear that which they do not understand.

Once at the door Luce peaked in with a bright smile on her face, one that completely dismissed her fear moments earlier, one that could possibly rival sunshine of spring. “Ver~de~” When no reply came she searched the room with her eyes, her smile slowly going away. “That’s strange…” Holding her robe tightly around her she made her way to his desk looking over it for any sign of him having been there at all in the past hour or so. Her azure eyes widened at the site of his blood.

“Verde?” she panicked looking around her raising up on her tip toes as if that would allow her to see anything that she hadn’t already seen. “Verde?!” she called out louder hurrying out to the hallway to look up and down for him. She called out his named again before going back into the room. Her heart ached  She knew he was the kind to always be alone, and that sometimes he really didn’t feel like himself. The blood on the desk made her nervous.

Luce watched for him on the many monitors. He was bound to be on one of these screens. When she didn’t see him she told herself he was probably in the bathroom, and neither he nor she could hear one another.

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Feb 9 '13

Bites of vanilla-scented creme brulee encased in crisp, golden pastry are a sweet way to end a picnic. (Recipe by Gemma Luongo; Photography by Mark O’Meara)


Bites of vanilla-scented creme brulee encased in crisp, golden pastry are a sweet way to end a picnic. (Recipe by Gemma Luongo; Photography by Mark O’Meara)

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Feb 6 '13

With its airy texture, oozy truffle centre and wicked dark chocolate flavour, this easy molten chocolate souffle recipe is everything you want it to be. (Recipe by Michelle Southan; Photography by Jeremy Simons)


With its airy texture, oozy truffle centre and wicked dark chocolate flavour, this easy molten chocolate souffle recipe is everything you want it to be. (Recipe by Michelle Southan; Photography by Jeremy Simons)

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Feb 6 '13

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